Wireless Network (Wi-Fi) Policy

Free wireless Internet access is available at the East Brunswick Public Library. You don’t need a plug or phone jack, just turn on your notebook/laptop computer or other wireless device, login by connecting to the library network and clicking the Proceed button.

Library staff are not able to provide technical assistance for configuring your device to enable it connect to the wireless network, and no guarantee can be made that you will be able to make a wireless connection. If you need help connecting to the library wireless network, please go to a library Internet workstation and review the library's troubleshooting tips or consult the manufacturer of your device.

The Library's provides both secure (EBPL_Wifi) and unsecured (EBPL_Wifi2) wireless networks. Information sent to and from your notebook/laptop computer or other wireless device on either of these networks may be captured by anyone else with a wireless device and the appropiate software, though the secure network makes this more difficult.


The Library assumes no responsibility for the safety of your equipment or for damage to notebook/laptop computer or other wireless device configurations, security or files resulting from connecting to The Library’s wireless access.

The wireless internet access that The Library offers is unfiltered. By choosing to use this free service, you agree to abide by The Library’s Internet Acceptable Use Policy.

Adopted June 20, 2006