EB Create Policy for Patron Use

EB Create strives to encourage creativity, curiosity, and life-long learning among all East Brunswick Public Library patrons. Use of the EB Create space is governed by the Library's Code of Conduct, Internet Use policy, all other applicable policies, and the following guidelines:

  1. Use of EB Create space is permitted only during regularly scheduled library programs, during designated Open Hours, or by prior arrangement with library staff.
  2. Users must check in with the designated EBPL staff member on duty and sign the guest book each time they use EB Create. They will complete a Release Form as required for certain items. All items in the space will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  3. Open use hours are for independent use of items in the EB Create space. Staff are present for basic supervision only and cannot provide extensive training on how to use items in EB Create. Library staff has the discretion to require users to take an introductory course before using certain items.
  4. Library staff will inform users about specific procedures associated with the use of any items in EB Create.
  5. Any video or audio data saved on the Library devices or servers may be deleted in accordance with the library's data retention policy.
  6. Persons using the space confirm that they are capable of using the tool, equipment, materials, and all other items provided by the Library in a safe and proper manner. Users release the Library and hold the Library harmless from all claims arising out of the use of the space. Specifically, users signing the Release Form acknowledge that he or she is waiving all claims of liability against the Library resulting from the use of the EB Create space. Users assume all risks in using the EB Create space.
  7. Unsafe or disruptive use of the space or any other violation of the Library’s Code of Conduct will result in the user being asked to leave.