Library Meeting Services


Meeting Rooms

Meeting rooms for events up to 200 persons are available for use for a fee. The library has a new policy in effect for all meetings taking place on or after September 1, 2012. There is no minimum attendee requirement, no limit to the number of group meetings, and groups are permitted to charge and/or conduct fundraising activities. Click here for rates, insurance requirements, and the policy.

To Book a Meeting Room

Three steps to book a meeting room:

Equipment Available

The meeting rooms also have Internet access via the library's wireless network.



Please read the Meeting Room Policy and the Wireless Internet Access page on this web site for additional information.

Groups using the meeting rooms are NOT TO USE THE STAFF ENTRANCE of The Library under any circumstances.

Organizations utilizing the meeting rooms are considered a public accommodation under the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) and are therefore responsible for providing auxiliary aids and services in compliance with the ADA.


Group Study Rooms

Library Group Study Rooms are intended for student study sessions, collaborative work, and short meetings by informal small groups. Group Study Rooms are not available for commercial purposes, including, but not limited to, private tutoring, or the offering or solicitation of goods, services, or memberships unless expressly allowed by the library Administration. Rooms may be booked up to two weeks in advance by calling the Information Desk at 732-390-6767.