Program Proposal Form

Thank you for your interest in presenting a program for the patrons of the East Brunswick Public Library. The Library welcomes program proposals and recommendations from the public, qualified speakers, authors, and performers. Your proposal will be reviewed by the Library's Programming Committee. The Programming Committee evaluates each proposal based on how it supports the Library's mission; the potential interest and benefit to Library patrons; the expertise and presentation skills of the speaker; budgetary considerations; and how the program fits into ongoing and short-term goals and initiatives.

We welcome partnerships with the local business community, health providers, educators, community organizations, community leaders, authors, and performers.

You will only be contacted if the programming committee is interested in pursuing your topic. Our planning cycle begins as early as one year prior to the date of the program, and not all topics are covered each year. It is not unusual for the Library to contact a speaker a year after the initial receipt of a proposal. Please do not call for updates, as it delays our planning cycle.

Please read The Library's Adult Programing Policies before you complete this form. By submitting a proposal, you agree to these policies.


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