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Computers and Equipment For Public Use


Computers and Software

The Library has 42 computers available for public use whenever The Library is open. All of the terminals are in the Information Services, Youth Services and Teen areas, have Internet access and are equipped with the Microsoft Office Suite (2010) and the latest version of Microsoft Office. Please read The Library's Internet Acceptable Use Policy before using the Internet on one of these computers.



A customer may enter a UserID and Password (attached to the top of the computer monitor) to log on for a minimum of one hour and may extend beyond that initial hour if no other customers are waiting for a computer. Users may reserve a computer when all computers are in use, using guest passes from the customer service desks. No advance reservations are taken.



There is no charge for using the library's computers. Printing is available for $0.15 per page, black and white, or $0.50 per page in color. The Comprise system is in place to release print jobs from the queue. 


Computer Training Center

The 12 computers in the Computer Training Center are available for public use whenever training is not scheduled.

Youth Services

Computers are available in Youth Services for Internet access and educational games. In the YS Department, there are 7 Windows based computers, 2 Preschool computers with educational games for toddlers and preschoolers, as well as one MAC. The MAC has the Adobe Creative Suite with Photoshop and Dreamweaver.

Teen Space

10 PCs are also available in the Teen Space for Teen use only.

Microsoft Office Templates

Did you know that you don't have to spend the time to create resumes and more from scratch? The library has downloaded 13 of Microsoft's resume templates for your use in the building. Go to "Office Templates" on the Start Menu of the public computers for additional information. You can also access many more templates by opening up the Microsoft application you which to use and browsing the available templates on the program's Start Page.

If you find them useful, take a look at the Microsoft Templates Home Page and see if there are other templates that you would find helpful. Let us know and we will add them to our library of downloaded templates.



Customers can print from all of the public computers, as well as from Windows and Mac Based Laptops (through the installation of software available after logging into the WiFi network). Users are prompted to enter a username and jobname, with the option of entering a password for their print jobs. Black and white jobs are 15 cents per page, color jobs are 50 cents per page.

Supplies for Sale in our Vending Machine

  • Flash drives - $10.00
  • CD-R discs - $1.25
  • Earbuds (to listen to audio from the public computers) - $1.50

Assistive Listening Device

Available for meeting room use. For information, please call (732) 390-6761.



There are four photocopiers in the Library, three black and white copiers and one color copier; copies cost 15 cents each for black and white and 50 cents each for color. There is a bill changer next to the photocopiers. For assistance, ask at the Customer Service Representatives desk in the Information Services area.



Please stop by the Customer Service office for scanning services. Scanning is 15 cents per page.


Device Borrowing

iPads for children can be borrowed from the library. Please see our Circulation Policies for details.