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Author Alerts

The East Brunswick Public Library has recently partnered with EngagedPatrons to provide you with a new service, Author Alerts. This service will allow you to be notified via email or text message as soon as new titles or offerings from your favorite authors are added to the library catalog! Please note that as a result, you will also be notified when any titles have been added to the library catalog, but are not yet available (pre-release notification).

How to access Author Alerts?

New and existing users, please click on the button below.

Access Author Alerts


Sign Up Instructions

Create Your Profile

  • A screen name is not required, but will allow you to be identified should you review any books you have read.
  • Choose Email, or text message, depending on your preference. Email will be slightly more fully featured, providing a link directly to our catalog for you to place a request on the item. You can also allow others to view your alerts, should you so choose.

  • Choose your preferred consumption method(s) and then click continue. KEEP IN MIND YOU CAN CHANGE THESE SETTINGS AT A LATER POINT IN TIME IF YOU CHANGE YOUR MIND.

  • Select the language

  • Now you can add your first author! Simply type in the author's first name and last name and click continue.

  • You have successfully added an alert in your account.