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EBPL First Look

EBPL First Look program is a community service project by East Brunswick teens. Teens get an exclusive look at young adult books before they are released for publication. The books reviewed here have been read by teens and reviewed for the library. Check out these reviews to find your next favorite book! Then come back to add your own review!

For more info on how to participate on the EBPL First Look program, read the details here.

Be Not Far From Me

Mindy McGinnis

Sick Kids in Love

Hannah Moskowitz

Me & Mr. Cigar

Gibby Haynes

If These Wings Could Fly

Kyrie McCauley

Tweet Cute

Emma Lord

Bent Heavens

Daniel Kraus

The Blossom and the Firefly

Sherri L. Smith

In the Shadow of the Sun

E.M. Castellan

The Memory Thief

Lauren Mansy

The Gravity of Us

Phil Stamper

Diamond City

Francesca Flores

Into the Crooked Place

Alexandra Christo

The Good Luck Girls

Charlotte Nicole Davis

Watch Over Me

Mila Gray

Dear Haiti, Love Alaine

Maika Moulite

Kingdom of Souls

Rena Barron

Juliet Takes a Breath

Gabby Rivera

Who Put This Song On?

Morgan Parker

Orpheus Girl

Brynne Rebele-Henry

A Dream So Dark

L.L. McKinney

A Treason of Thorns

Laura E. Weymouth

Hope Is Our Only Wing

Rutendo Tavengerwei

Butterfly Yellow

Thanhha Lai


Lisa Naffziger

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