Teen Volunteering

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at the East Brunswick Public Library!  

The Library is currently not accepting any more applications for volunteering.  Please check back later to find out if applications will be accepted.

We understand that students must contribute a required amount of community service hours each year. We encourage all students to plan ahead and start service as early as possible.

Please keep in mind that there are limited opportunities and we cannot able to accommodate everyone. We will contact you once your application is approved.

What is TAG?

TAG stands for "Teen Action Group." TAG is the volunteer program offered through the East Brunswick Public Library that starts in June each school year and runs through May. 

Who is in TAG?

TAG is open to all students in East Brunswick in grades 8 through 12. New members are always welcome. 

When does TAG meet?

TAG meetings are held on the first Monday of each month from at 7:00 pm in the meeting rooms at the library. This is subject to change. Please always check the Teen Events calendar for the most current information regarding meetings. 

How do I join TAG?

The Library is currently not accepting any more applications for volunteering.  Please check back later to find out if applications will be accepted.

Please complete and print all three of the following forms and submit them with a photo of the applicant to the youth services department or you can email the completed forms with the photo once we begin accepting applications again. You will be contacted once your application is reviewed.

Find out more about TAG by attending one of our monthly meetings.  At your first TAG meeting, you will learn more about volunteer opportunities offered through the library. At a TAG meeting, you will learn how to create and maintain your teen volunteer account where you will log your hours, and you will also get access to the teen newsletter that contains important info about the teen volunteer program. You earn one hour of community service for each TAG meeting you attend once your application is approved.

Do I need to get school approval first?

Nope. All community service for the library, including library-sponsored clubs, are pre-approved!

Here's what to fill out for the following fields of your community service packets:

  • Organization/Agency: East Brunswick Public Library

  • Contact Person:  Youth Services

  • Email: teens@ebpl.org

  • Phone: 732-390-6789

  • Days/hours of service: varies

  • Method of transportation: parent drop-pick

You can access the EBHS Community Service packet by clicking here.

For more info about Community Service through CJHS, click here. You can access the CJHS Community Service packet by clicking here.

For any further questions about how to complete the community service packets, direct them to the main office of your school.

How do I log and verify my community service hours?

There will be a binder for you to log your hours at the library when you are at the library.  Your hours will be approved and signed off by staff.

When you need a signature on your school's community service forms by someone at the library, you can ask a teen or youth services librarian to sign them for you. When the library is open, bring your forms to the Children's Desk or Teen Desk. Or you may e-mail your forms in .pdf format to teens@ebpl.org. We will sign your forms and return them to you via e-mail. 

These forms are from your guidance counselor at your school. The library does not have these forms for you.

What about Virtual Volunteering?

The library does not currently offer virtual volunteering.

What is TLC?

We regret that TLC, the library's summer volunteering program for teens, will not be held in 2023.

What is EB First Look?

EB First Look is a program that encourages teens to read "advanced reader copies" (ARCs) of YA books that have not yet been published in order to recommend them to the library for purchase.  You can also read a book from the NEW section of the YA area. The requirement of the program is to contribute a review of the book for the library's website. Please visit the library to select a book to review, along with a set of instructions on how to submit your review.  You must be a member of TAG in order to participate in First Look.

What if I have a question that you didn't answer?

The Library is currently not accepting any more applications for volunteering.  Please check back later to find out if applications will be accepted.

That's what we're here for! Please direct any questions about TAG and teen volunteering to teens@ebpl.org.