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Teen Volunteering

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at the East Brunswick Public Library! We at the library understand that students must contribute a required amount of community service hours each year. We encourage all students to plan ahead and start service as early as possible! Please keep in mind that we are not able to accommodate everyone. 

Note: As a result of the library’s closure due to the pandemic, many volunteering opportunities are unavailable until further notice. Please read on to learn about the temporary changes we've made to our teen volunteer program.

What is TAG?

TAG stands for "Teen Action Group." TAG is the volunteer program offered through the East Brunswick Public Library that starts in September and wraps up in June each school year. TAG is on break during the months of July and August.

Who is in TAG?

TAG is open to all students in East Brunswick in grades 8 through 12. New members are always welcome. 

When does TAG meet?

TAG meetings are held on the first Monday of each month from September through June at 7:00pm. This is subject to change in the future. Please always check the Teen Events calendar for the most current information regarding meetings. 

Where does TAG meet?

TAG meetings are held in the Youth Services Program Room located next to the Children's Room at the East Brunswick Public Library. Snacks and drinks are provided!

Note: Since the library closed to the public in March 2020 as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, TAG meetings have been held virtually online via Zoom. Check the Teen Events Calendar for the most up-to-date information regarding TAG meetings.

How do I join TAG?

You can join TAG by attending one of our monthly meetings (September through June.) At your first TAG meeting, you will learn more about volunteer opportunites offered through the library. At a TAG meeting, you will learn how to create and maintain your teen volunteer account where you will log your hours, and you will also get access to the teen newsletter that contains important info about the teen volunteer program. You will earn one hour of community service for each TAG meeting you attend.

Do I need to get approval first?

Yes. Before starting to volunteer at the library and joining TAG, you are required to get pre-approval from your school. Check with your school guidance counselor for the materials you will need. You must submit the first part of your community service packet to your guidance counselor prior to beginning your volunteering at East Brunswick Public Library. For any further questions about this, direct them to your guidance counselor at your school. 

For more information about Community Service through EBHS, click here. You can access the EBHS Community Service packet by clicking here.

For more info about Community Service through CJHS, click here. You can access the CJHS Community Service packet by clicking here.

What does TAG do?

As a member of TAG, you will take an active role in how the Teen Department operates. You will help plan programs and events for children and teens, participate in creative activities, strategize about community outreach, contribute ideas for new projects, give feedback about the library's collection, and have an important role in making decisions in all things concerning the library's Teen Department. Most TAG meetings are dedicated to discussing youth services programs and how you can participate in planning them.

Volunteer opportunities through TAG include assisting with library programs for children, teens, and adults - as well as other events as needed. To volunteer at one of these library events, we send a sign-up sheet in the teen newsletter so that you may register based on your interest and availability.

Note: As a result of the library's closure due to COVID-19, all in-person library programs have been canceled until further notice. The library cannot provide community service opportunities that include assisting with programs at this time. 

What about Virtual Volunteering?

While the library has been closed for the pandemic, EBPL has offered virtual volunteering opportunities for existing TAG members. These opportunities range from writing book reviews, recording storytime videos, submitting writing and photos, and more! If you have never before volunteered with EBPL, you must first attend a TAG meeting to learn more. Please refer to the Teen Events calendar for the next TAG meeting. Please note that there are no TAG meetings held during the summer.

What if I have an idea for a club to hold at the library?

Tell us all about it by filling out this form.

What is TLC?

TLC stands for "Teen Library Connection" and is EBPL's Summer Volunteer Program. TLC facilitates projects that benefits the community in partnership with the library. Teens are invited to create your own projects, workshops, and events that enrich our community as well your own understanding of your place in the world. The ideal TLC candidate is a dedicated self-starter who is able to work independently as well as in small groups. You should be motivated, creative, innovative, and enthusiastic about learning and teaching.

Note: TLC is currently on hiatus for the summer of 2020 due to the pandemic. We will resume TLC in the summer of 2021.

How do I join TLC?

Applications for TLC open in the spring for the upcoming summer. TLC is on hiatus for the summer of 2020. Please check back in March 2021 for information on how to apply for the summer of 2021.

What is EB First Look?

EB First Look is a program that encourages teens to read "advanced reader copies" (ARCs) of YA books that have not yet been published in order to recommend them to the library for purchase. The requirement of the program is to contribute a review of the book for the library's website. This program is slowly being reinstated since it was put on hold in March 2020. Please contact if you would like to adopt an EB First Look book for review! There are currently VERY limited titles to choose from and are given out on a first come, first serve basis.

Note: If you have an EB First Look book that you took home prior to the pandemic, please hold onto that book. It's yours now to keep forever and ever!

What is the Red Cross Club?

The EBPL Red Cross Club is perfect for determined, motivated teens who are interested in educating others about health, medical care, and emergency preparedness. Members plan and host fun, informative programs for all ages in partnership with the library, and have the opportunity to plan and volunteer for blood drives and fundraisers throughout the community. Members do not need prior knowledge or special skills; there are plenty of online training opportunities through the American Red Cross. The EBPL Red Cross Club is open to all students in 8th through 12th grades who show interest in this type of work. The club meets at the library on the first Wednesday of each month at 7:00pm. For more information on how to join and the membership guidelines, please contact Follow them on Instagram @ebplredcross

Note: Since the library closed to the public in March 2020 as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the EBPL Red Cross Club meetings have been held virtually online via Zoom. Check the Teen Events Calendar for the most up-to-date information regarding meetings.

What is Geek League?

Geek League is a volunteer opportunity for those who know and love technology. As part of Geek League, you will assist library patrons of all ages with technology questions. If you know everything there is to know about computers, iPads, Zoom, and are always learning more, Geek League is perfect for you. You will need to be patient, friendly, and kind with everyone who needs assistance with their tech. Geek League is open to students in 9th to 12th grade. There are a limited number of new spots each school year. If you have any questions about Geek League, please contact or visit the Geek League website. 


How do I join Geek League?

There is an application from the library for students interested in joining Geek League. However, due to the library's closure do to the pandemic, we are not currently accepting applications. Please check back in Fall 2020 for updates on when applications for Geek League will reopen. 

How do I log and verify my community service hours?

When you attend your first TAG meeting, you will get the website address for the library's tracking system. You will learn how to create an account with the library's volunteer hour tracking system. It is your responsibility to keep track of and log your own hours in the electronic system. If you have trouble logging into your account, forget your username/password or the website address, or make a mistake when you log your hours, contact

When you need a signature on your school's community service forms by someone at the library, you can ask librarians Jenna, Moira, or Aaron to sign them for you. When the library is open, bring your forms to the Children's Desk or Teen Desk and ask for one of these librarians. These forms are from your guidance counselor at your school and the library does not have these forms for you.

Note: Since the library closed to the public in March 2020 as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, you may e-mail your forms in .pdf format to We will sign your forms and return them to you via e-mail. The deadline to submit your forms to EB public schools is August 15, 2020.

What if I have a question that you didn't answer?

That's what we're here for! Please direct any questions about TAG and teen volunteering to








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