No Filter and Other Lies

Crystal Maldonado
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About This Book

Seventeen-year-old Kat Sanchez uses photos of a friend to create a fake Instagram account, but when one of her posts goes viral and exposes Kat's duplicity, her entire world--both real and pretend--comes crashing down around her.




No Filter and Other Lies by Crystal Maldonado

No Filter and Other Lies by Crystal Maldonado is a fun and engaging realistic fiction book. If you are interested in reading about the everyday struggles of a high school girl and are into reality books, the this book is the right choice for you! This book goes into the problems of an average high school girl with the drama of family, friends, and social media. The main character Kat Sanchez, has a pretty messed up life, with a huge family secret to keep which has everyone fooled. All though her friends are there for her, throughout the book they are constantly bickering and fighting. The most important part of Kat's life though, is social media, which basically changes her life. Kat has a passion for photography and takes extremely good pictures to post on Instagram, but no one ever looks at her work. Tired of her whole messed up life, Kat makes a new profile as Max Monroe, stealing someone else's face and creates a picture perfect life. The account gets off to a great start and Kat is living the dream with so many followers, views, and likes. Soon, this account leads to problems and complications, which turn Kat's life upside down. Throughout the story, Kat navigates through different problems to figure out who she is essentially and what she wants to do. Although this book, didn't start off great, it became much more interesting throughout the middle and end, and it's definitely a one time read at least!

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