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Alisha Emrich
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Happily Ever Afters meets You've Got Mail  in this geeky, Black Girl Magic filled debut romance about cosplay and finding the courage to be yourself. 

Ramona Lambert is a typical shy, artistic sixteen-year-old. She has a best friend whom she’s known since they were in diapers; parents who love her; a love for cosplay; and a crush on the cute boy in her class.

The only problem? Her best friend moved away; her parents don't quite understand her love of cosplay; and she is pretty sure her crush has no idea she exists.  

To escape her troubles, Ramona turns to cosplay and her original character, Rel, who gives her the confidence and freedom that she lacks in real life. Embracing this confidence, she decides to strike up an email conversation with her crush, Caleb Woolf, from her cosplay account in the hopes getting to know him . . . and maybe win his heart. Then as Caleb and Ramona are swept up in their emails back and forth to each other, and Ramona falls even harder as he opens up about his hopes, insecurities, and his own geeky loves. However, as Caleb starts to grow closer and closer to Rel, he also strikes up a friendship with Ramona, who knows she can't keep the truth about Rel from Caleb but isn't sure she is ready to risk losing him. With an important cosplay convention coming up and the anxiety of her double-life weighing on her, Ramona has to decide if she’ll hide behind her cosplay character forever or take the chance and let Caleb see the real her--because he might actually like her for who she is.




This NERD really made me CRUSH

Nerd Crush is a fun novel that explores the self discovery and romantic experiences of Ramona Lambert, a shy and quirky teen main character who finds confidence and expression in her cosplay character, Rel. Throughout the book, Ramona has to deal with the challenge of separating from her cosplay persona. She also contemplates weather she deserves her crush, Caleb or her character deserves him. Her experience delves into the complexities of self image, self worth, and romantic relationships. Ramona’s shyness and quirkiness make it difficult for her to connect with others in real life. However, when she uses her cosplay character Rel, she transforms into a more confident and extroverted version of herself. The two personalities create tension within Ramona as she struggles to show her true identity with the persona she uses in cosplay. Ramona’s internal struggle also extends to her feelings for Caleb. She questions whether she is good enough for him due to her lack of perfection in comparison to Caleb's seemingly perfect exterior. The self doubts she has about herself keep her from pursuing a relationship with Caleb and add to Ramona's character development. Alisha Emrich's Nerd Crush is a must read for people who enjoy reading about the teenage experience, like teenage romance novels and have a good time reading about inspiring self discovery. Whether you're a fan of cosplay culture or just enjoy a heartfelt coming of age story, this novel will deliver a fun time reading for people of all sorts of ages.

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