The MoleCOOL Scientist: Extract DNA from a Strawberry (Zoom)

Teen Volunteer Shreya D. will show you how to extract DNA from a strawberry! Shreya will go through the process and give you the instructions to try on your own later! This is an informational program and you are not expected to follow along. 

This program is designed for kids in grades 4th through 6th, but all are welcome to attend.

Please register in advance by clicking "Join Event" to receive the Zoom login information so you have it before the program starts! Details will be re-sent to all registrants a half an hour prior to program start.

Teen Red Cross Club Meeting

This club offers teens a great way to bring important aspects of health and medical care to their own community. Members will be able to help organize, plan, coordinate, and conduct fun programs which will engage everyone in our community. Volunteers will be able to work with people of different age groups and learn new information about health and Red Cross. 

Any Questions? Please email us at ebplredcross@gmail.com



Stella Greene and Wesley Clarke are Gene Connolly Memorial High School's biggest rivals. While the two have been battling it out for top student, it's a race to the bottom when it comes to snide comments and pulling the dirtiest prank. For years, Stella and Wes have been the villain in each other's story, and now it's all-out war.

And there is no bigger battle than the one for valedictorian, and more specifically, the coveted valedictorian scholarship.

Young Adult Summer Reading

Summer Reading for students entering grades 7-12

Opens June 27 and goes thru August 19.

Register at the teen desk.  Fill out the registration form, place your paperclip and registration form in the container and bring home your reading log.  Remember to bring your reading log back to the library beginning July 5 to receive your scratch off tickets.


Debate Club


Alexa vs. Siri vs. Google Assistant

Is Wikipedia a reliable source?

Do you think artificial intelligence (A.I) will grow smart enough to take over the world?

This program is for students going into 6th thru 12th grade to debate topics that they choose.

It meets every other Thursday on zoom at 5:30.