Picture Book

If You Give a Mouse a Brownie

If you give a mouse a brownie, he's going to ask for some ice cream to go with it.  And with that, the ever-obliging boy in this book caters to his rodent friend's every whim, with entertaining -- and predictable, if you know this series -- results.  If you liked this one at storytime, you can view the rest of the series in our library's catalog by clicking here.

Quiet, Wyatt!

Wyatt is rebuffed by everyone, everywhere he goes.  The big kids won't let him fly their plane, his sister won't let him help dry the car, and his dad won't let him fry an egg.  More than anything, Wyatt wants the puppy in the window of the pet shop, but his parents won't buy it.  After being told, "Quiet, Wyatt!" so many times, Wyatt decides to be quiet, and several inconsequential catastrophes befall his friends and family.  But when that puppy is in danger, Wyatt finds his voice -- and his elders notice just what he is capable of.

Horse Meets Dog

Horse and Dog have just met, and they're a tad bit confused.  Dog is convinced Horse is a really big dog, and Horse is certain Dog is a really small horse!  They notice the differences in their hair and feet, and they even get each other thoughtful yet inappropriate gifts.  Their confusion and miscommunication continues hilariously!  This clever book would be a fun discussion starter for exploring differences.

Toesy Toes

Babies can have all different types of toes -- splishy-splashy toes, piggledy-wiggledy toes, cozy-dozy toes -- but all babies have toesy toes!

Hello Baby!

The world is full of beautiful babies -- porcupine babies with twitchy noses, gecko babies with rolling eyes, hippo babies with yawning jaws -- but which baby is the most precious of all?

My Bike

Tom rides his bike to work every day.  On the way, he passes trucks, buses, & lots of cars, people, monkeys, & acrobats, tigers, lions, & elephants... Can you guess where Tom works?  Wait until you see what he rides when he's there!

Russell the Sheep

It's bedtime, and the other sheep in the flock have turned in for the night.  But Russell can't sleep.  He tries making it darker.  He tries making it cooler.  He tries a different pillow.  Nope, nope, and nope.  Maybe if he counts the stars -- all six hundred million billion and ten of them -- he'll get sleepy.  NOPE!  Then he has an idea that's so perfect, it makes his hat go ziggy-zaggy!

Bear Snores On

While Bear slumbers in his cave through the long, cold winter, Mouse, Hare, Badger and some other forest friends make tea and popcorn and have a full-fledged party in his lair!  What will Bear do when he wakes up to discover he's the unwitting host of a soiree that he's been left out of?