Picture Book

Froggy Green

Everyone likes different colors, but as we discover at the end, everyone loves rainbow ice cream!  Unfortunately, this simple book about colors is out of print, but we'll be sure to share it at storytime every once in a while!

Pillow Pup

Maggie the pup"s favorite treat isn't a dog biscuit or bone. It's a pillow! Maggie and her little girl engage in a wiggling, giggling pillow fight.

I'm Not Reading!

Baby Owl is all set to read a book to his favorite stuffed animal, Owly, when along comes Tiny Chick who would also like to listen to a story.  Baby Owl explains that he's not reading if Tiny Chick doesn't sit nicely to listen and just as he promises to do so, his classmates, cousins, and friends appear.  Before he knows it, so many chicks are sitting on Baby Owl's lap that he is getting squashed!  He is NOT reading like that!

Tissue, Please!

Frog and his friends can't stop sniffling, snuffling, schnorrrrkling, and wiping their noses on their arms!  Ewwww!!!  Thankfully, their grown-ups teach them to use tissues and they are amazed at how well it works.  In fact, they even incorporate using tissues into their dance routine and knock out the audience with their inspiring moves!

Horrible Bear!

When Bear rolls over in his sleep and unintentionally breaks the girl's kite, the girl is furious!  "Horrible bear!" she screams, and storms off down the mountain.  Bear is certain he isn't horrible, but he's so upset by having been woken up in his own cave by this ruckus that he gets a horrible bear idea.

This book is a great starter for talking about feelings and perspectives.

Fiona's Little Lie

Tomorrow is Felix's birthday, and his best friend Fiona volunteers to be his Birthday Elf and bring cupcakes to school to celebrate.  The only problem is that after she makes this offer, she promptly forgets about it and it doesn't cross her mind again until she sees Felix, on his birthday, in his new birthday outfit, at school.  Oh no!!!  Fiona fibs to avoid hurting Felix's feelings and embarrassing herself, but the falsehood quickly mushrooms into involving more characters and leads to more trouble.