Picture Book

One Snowy Morning

One snowy morning, a squirrel and a chipmunk discover a lump of snow with all kinds of weird things stuck in it.  The duo gathers up the buttons, mittens, carrot, hat, scarf, and other objects and brings them back home, where they make a delectable soup for a small gathering of friends.  But when morning comes, they wonder if someone else had placed those items there in preparation of their own cooking plans.

Mr. Scruff

Polly belongs to Molly, Eric belongs to Derek, and Lawrence belongs to Florence.  But Mr. Scruff belongs to no one!  He's a dog waiting at the animal shelter for just the right person to adopt him.  When Jim comes along, he is certain Mr. Scruff is the perfect dog for him, but Jim's parents aren't so convinced.  Does it matter that Mr. Scruff is old and Jim is young, or that Mr. Scruff is big and Jim is small, or that their names don't rhyme?


Save It!: A Moneybunny Book

Honey's five little siblings are bouncy and LOUD -- and sometimes all she wants is some peace and quiet.  Honey earns two carrots a week from babysitting, so the determined rabbit develops a plan to forgo some of her usual treats in order to save up for her own playhouse.  Other titles in this financial literacy series for children focus on earning and spending money.

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Mad, Mad Bear!

Bear is mad.  Mad!  MAD!!!  He is so mad that he lies on his tummy, cries, and kicks and punches.  But then, after a while, he takes a few deep breaths, has a snack, takes a nap, and resets his day.

Don't Wake Up the Tiger

Tiger is sleeping, and wouldn't you know it?  She's lying right in the way of the other animals, who are all carrying balloons!  Will they all be able to make it over her without waking her up?  This participatory story requires kids to help propel the plot forward, and the ending is a satisfying surprise.