The Orphan King

Tyler Chin-Tanner
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About This Book

Prince Kaidan, born to rule as a hero of the realm, is on the move, taking first steps into the life of soaring regal adventure promised by his birthright. After completing secret training with his aunt, the magical Lady Taleissa, Kaidan returns home hoping to pick up where he left off and start an exciting new chapter. Instead, his parents are missing and the kingdom is destroyed, along with everything he’d ever hoped and dreamed.

With the monarchy overthrown by a rapacious warlord, Kaidan is set adrift in a lawless land where his royal lineage now means nothing but danger; there’s a steep price on his head and everyone is eager to cash in. But when there are no laws, outlaws can become allies, and Kaidan’s got a fighting chance with some new friends on the fringes of society. A new path is set: find whatever pieces of his old life he can and use them to build something new – if he can live that long!

A fresh retelling of the King Arthur myth, THE ORPHAN KING upends the concept of birthright in a magical coming-of-age adventure for the ages.




The Orphan King is a great read!

The Orphan King by Tyler Chin-Tanner and James Boyle is a stunning short graphic novel read in a forthcoming series. Following a boy named Kadian born into royalty, the book tackles themes like trust and remembering your roots. It's funny, visually appealing, and a nice read to pass the time.

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