Lore Olympus Volume Three

Rachel Smythe
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About This Book

Witness what the gods do after dark in the third volume of a stylish and contemporary reimagining of one of the best-known stories in Greek mythology, featuring a brand-new, exclusive short story from creator Rachel Smythe.

"It is natural for a King to be curious about his future Queen. . . ."

All of Olympus--and the Underworld--are talking about the God of the Dead and the sprightly daughter of Demeter. But despite the rumors of their romance, Hades and Persephone have plenty to navigate on their own.

Since coming to Olympus, Persephone has struggled to be the perfect maiden goddess. Her attraction to Hades has only complicated the intense burden of the gods' expectations. And after Apollo's assault, Persephone fears she can no longer bury the intense feelings of hurt and love that she's worked so hard to hide.

As Persephone contemplates her future, Hades struggles with his past, falling back into toxic habits in Minthe's easy embrace. With all the mounting pressure and expectations--of their family, friends, and enemies--both Hades and Persephone tell themselves to deny their deepest desires, but the pull between them is too tempting, too magnetic. It's fate.

This full-color edition of Smythe's original Eisner-nominated webcomic Lore Olympus brings Greek mythology into the modern age in a sharply perceptive and romantic graphic novel.

This volume collects episodes 50-75 of the #1 WEBTOON comic Lore Olympus.




A Romantic Fantasy

Lore Olympus Volume Three is a graphic novel that continues the story of Persephone and Hades, two characters from Greek mythology. The story picks up from where the previous volume left off, with Hades and Persephone's relationship becoming more complicated. Hades is struggling to balance his feelings for Persephone with his responsibilities as the ruler of the underworld, while Persephone is still dealing with her traumas. One of the things I really enjoyed about this volume was the way the characters were developed. Hades, in particular, becomes a much more sympathetic character in this volume. We see him struggling with his own emotions and desires, and trying to do the right thing even when its difficult. Persephone, too, is a fascinating character. She's strong and independent, but also vulnerable and struggling to come to terms with what happened to her. The artwork is absolutely stunning, with bright and vibrant colors and intricate details in each panel. The character designs are also amazing, with each character having their own unique style and look. I noticed how much time and skill it must have taken to put such detail into each page. The story itself is engaging and emotional. There are really powerful moments in this volume, particularly when Persephone copes with learning her mother may have lied to her throughout her whole life. The romance between Hades and Persephone is also a major focus of the story, and it's handled beautifully. Overall, I would highly recommend Lore Olympus Volume Three to anyone who enjoys graphic novels, mythology, or romance. The characters are complex and the artwork is stunning. I think this volume is a fantastic addition to the series, and I can't wait to see what happens next.

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