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The Night Hunt

Alexandra Christo
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About This Book

From Alexandra Christo, the author of To Kill a Kingdom, comes The Night Hunt, a dark fantasy romance about a monstrous girl who feeds on fear and the Gods-cursed boy who falls in love with her.

Atia is a monster who feeds on fear. As the last of her kind, she hides in the shadows of the world to escape the wrath of the unpredictable Gods. Silas is a Herald, carrying messages and ferrying the dead as punishment for a past he can’t remember. Stripped of his true name, he yearns to recover his identity.

Atia would never dream of allying with someone like him, but when she breaks a sacred law and the Gods send monsters to hunt her, Silas offers an irresistible deal: he’ll help avenge her family and take on the Gods who now hunt her, if she helps him break his curse and restore his humanity. All they need to do is kill three powerful creatures: a vampire, a banshee, and one of the very Gods who destroyed both their lives. Only together can they finally rewrite their destinies.




The Night Hunt Review

The Night Hunt is a story about a young nefa, a creature that feeds on fear. Atia and her friends Silas a herald, which is a messenger, Cillian a half-banshee boy, and Tristian the human scholar. The story opens with Atia and her companion a vampire named Sapphir feeding on a mortal man. Then we get a glimpse of Atita living amongst the humans, she is a “seer” and is friends with Tristian who loves to talk about monsters, though initially he is unaware that she is one. Later on, when Tristian is about to get attacked by a man, Atia saves him Silas also appears and Silas and Atia make a deal, she will kill a banshee, a vampire, and a God, which can break her curse, and restore her immortality, and give Silas back his humanity. Atia is cured because when Tristian is attacked by the man, she transforms into her monstrous form thus revealing her true identity as a nefa to him. Tristan is a scholar who is fascinated by monsters and is thus amazed at this fact. Atia, when protecting Tristian, feeds on the man’s fear, and accidentally kills him for causing too much fear. This breaks the rules of the Gods, and this leads to her curse of immortality being taken away. Overall, I would give this book a ⅗. In my opinion, it wasn’t a bad read, but it was very cliche and predictable. The book has some humorous moments, but the overall message was dull and I felt no attachment to any of the characters. The romance was boring and felt too shallow. However, if you want a book that is an easy read I would recommend it.

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