Wings of Shadow

Nicki Pau Preto
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About This Book

"Veronyka has been revealed as the heir to the empire, but to protect her people, she'll have to face the most devastating enemy she could imagine: her own sister."--Provided by publisher.




Wings of Shadow - book 3

“Wings of Shadow'' by Nicki Pau Preto is the third book in the “Crown of Feathers'' trilogy. The main character of this book is Veronyka. As the book goes on there are many different problems that go by, but soon a serious problem approaches. The problem is that her bondmate, Tristan, is held hostage by another politician. During this time there is also a war going on with the Golden Empire. Veronyka and the Phoenix Riders plan to rescue Tristan from the evil politician and on the way, they want to eliminate their enemies on the empire’s council before the war starts. Before this could have been done, Avalkyra Ashfire calls upon a strix, a bird that can destroy anything in its way. What will happen as the book goes on? Will Veronyka be able to rescue Tristan and eliminate her enemies before the war starts, or will she get stopped by Avalkyra Ashfire? Read “Wings of Shadow” by Nicki Pau Preto to find out what happens next!
All in all, the book was a four out of five stars. The book was full of cliffhangers at the end of each chapter, and if you love suspense this would definitely be a great match for you. The book also contains many science fiction elements, so you would also enjoy the book if you love reading science fiction. To further understand this book, I would recommend reading the book series in order, but it is still understandable if you can’t. I would recommend this book to those the ages of twelve or higher.

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