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Keeper of the Lost Cities Stellarlune

Shannon Messenger
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Average: 4.5 (2 votes)

About This Book

Sophie Foster changed the game.

Now she’s facing impossible choices:
When to act.
When to trust.
When to let go.

Her friends are divided and scattered, and the Black Swan wants Sophie to focus on their projects. But her instincts are leading her somewhere else.

Stellarlune—and the mysterious Elysian—might be the key to everything. But finding truth in the Lost Cities always requires sacrifice. And as the Neverseen’s plans sharpen into terrifying focus, it appears that everyone has miscalculated. The Lost Cities’ greatest lie could destroy everything. And in the battle that follows, only one thing is certain: nothing will ever be the same.




Stellarlune by Shannon Messenger

Stellarlune is perfect if you're looking for a thrilling read. It's a brilliant continuation of the Keeper of the Lost Cities series, with many twists and turns. Shannon Messenger continues with her thrilling writing style, which never leaves you with a moment in which you don't have a question. It's as if Shannon is growing along with Sophie, as Shannon continues writing Sophie seems to grow up and mature, along with Shannon. Of course, if you haven't read the other books, you're going to have a bit of trouble keeping up with what's going on, but if you have, the story is brilliant. All the characters are amazingly realistic and relatable, despite them being completely different species. Shannon has amazing world-building and her writing is unbelievably descriptive, always giving you a vivid image of what's going on. There's an insane cliffhanger at the end of the book that left me agape. Overall, I highly recommend the book as it is an amazing read. It's also getting a movie adaptation, which many fans are looking forward to.



An exciting but slightly slow novel

This complete series of books has outstanding fantasy elements. It's a lot of joy to use a make-believe world with elves and other mythical creatures. The characters all stick out from one another due to their distinctive individual traits. The main character, Sophie, is clueless but serves as the group's leader whether the rest agree. Fitz, Keefe, Linh, Tam, Marella, Stina (sort of friends), Biana, Dex, and more are all in this group of her peers. Fitz and Keefe appear to be Sophie's love interests, and are in a constant love triangle with each other.. Readers are constantly swayed side to side on who would be better for Sophie, since it always seems unclear. Stina used to be one of Sophie's bullies when she first moved to Foxfire, and now she was a part of her group? Sophie has to deal with this change as she realizes Stina's help would be much needed for this long journey they have ahead. Every character has a unique "talent," which is essentially an ability, of their own. Unless society deems them to be useless due to their lack of ability. The elfy world may appear very sparkling on the outside, but its interior is rotten. filled with the Neverseen, violence, and excitement. The Neverseen is a group with evil intentions that wants to rule the entire universe. This novel is jam-packed with exciting adventures as well as a ton of mystery and growing suspense. Although there is a love triangle hinted at in the novel, the adventure aspect is generally where the attention is directed. It does take some time to get to the main adventure element of this book, and some parts of it are a little more plodding. However, the adventure element is handled so well that the suspense and foreshadowing are rewarding. Overall, I really enjoyed reading this book and the complete series, and I would definitely suggest it!

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