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Snow & Poison

Melissa De La Cruz
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About This Book

Love is stronger than poison in this lush retelling of "Snow White" by #1 New York Times bestselling author Melissa de la Cruz.

Raven-black hair, red lips, and skin as white as snow—Lady Sophie has led a sheltered life. . . . But that tale ends here.

Duchy of Bavaria, 1621. The palace is abuzz with excitement. The widowed Duke Maximilian is marrying a lady named Claudia, and at last, introducing his daughter Sophie to Bavaria’s high society.

At the ball, Sophie charms the dashing Prince Philip, heir to the Spanish throne. But as days pass and Sophie and Philip fall deeply and dangerously in love, the king of Spain orders Philip’s return home and his engagement to a princess.

Heartbroken, Sophie finds comfort in Claudia. But might the rumors of her stepmother's dealings with magic be true? And when conflict between kingdoms puts a target on Sophie’s back, can a vanished witch be the key ally she needs? A new tale begins: one where Sophie must shield her heart, fight for life life, and protect her home.




Snow and Poison Book Review

Snow and Poison is the story of Sophie the daughter of Duke Maximillian. Sophie finds out that the day that she is debuting, is the same day that her father is getting married to a new woman after the death of her mother, years ago. Her debut goes smoothly except for the fact that her stepmother faints. During the party, Sophie meets Philip the Prince of Spain. They immediately fall in love with each other, becoming one of the book's most important plots. Sophie and her new stepmother bond, Philip leaves to go to England, except he doesn’t go to England. Philip and Sophie meet again and they dance together. Sophie’s stepmother also gets pregnant and we see some issues with her pregnancy early on. To add to the mounting issues Philip doesn’t contact Sophie leading to doubts regarding their relationship, as it is later discovered that Philips's father disapproves of her and Philip’s relationship. Overall, I would give this book a ⅗, it was an interesting read that kept me on my toes. However, the romance was a bit cringy, and it was hard to sympathize with the main character.

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