Mari Anhokoivu
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About This Book

Where was the bear born?
Where delivered?
By the moon, next to the sun
Among the stars of the plough
Sent to Earth in a golden cradle With silvery chains.

Poorling is a little bear. She’s a bit different from her brothers. Mother keeps their family safe.

For the Forest is full of dangers. It is there that Mana lives, with her Shadow children.

And above them all, Emuu, the great Grandma in the Sky.

From the heart of Finnish folklore comes a breathtaking tale of mothers, daughters, stars and legends, and the old gods and the new.




Oksi Author: Mari Ahokoivu

This book tells the story of a Finnish folklore focusing on the relationship between Poorling, her mother, Emuu, Mana, Scaup, and the shadows. This graphic novel speaks about the meaning of family, jealousy, acceptance, and love. The story focuses on Poorling, a young bear but a little different from the rest of her brothers. She envies her brothers and tries to imitate the bear's looks with magic. Her jealousy made her mother suffer and broke apart her family. Poorling was desperate to fit in with her bear brothers that she accidentally committed crimes. Her bear mother, Umi, was wary about the unknowns of the forest and Emuu in the heavens. Emuu in the Finnish mythology means mother of a living species. Poorling was able to learn about her abilities through her mentor, Scaup, who was a god in the shape of a waterfowl. She later learns about Mana and her shadow children that inhabit the forest. Poorling was able to overcome her feelings and break free from her possessive behavior towards her mother. Which was how she earned her new name, Oksi. I would rate this book 5 stars because this book explains deeply about love that is based on family and acceptance. Poorling’s growth really shows how she has learned to accept and protect. I would recommend this book because it also speaks of the Finnish folklore and mythology. I also appreciate the art style because it really pops out and makes the important elements stand out. To conclude, this story was an incredible tale and the pictures speak loud of its meaning and I hope you also take a chance to follow Poorling on her adventure.

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