Love Is a Revolution

Renée Watson
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About This Book

From New York Times bestselling and award-winning author Renée Watson comes a new YA--a love story about not only a romantic relationship but how a girl finds herself and falls in love with who she really is.

When Nala Robertson reluctantly agrees to attend an open mic night for her cousin-sister-friend Imani's birthday, she finds herself falling in instant love with Tye Brown, the MC. He's perfect, except . . . Tye is an activist and is spending the summer putting on events for the community when Nala would rather watch movies and try out the new seasonal flavors at the local creamery. In order to impress Tye, Nala tells a few tiny lies to have enough in common with him. As they spend more time together, sharing more of themselves, some of those lies get harder to keep up. As Nala falls deeper into keeping up her lies and into love, she'll learn all the ways love is hard, and how self-love is revolutionary.

In Love Is a Revolution, plus size girls are beautiful and get the attention of the hot guys, the popular girl clique is not shallow but has strong convictions and substance, and the ultimate love story is not only about romance but about how to show radical love to the people in your life, including to yourself.




Powerful book

The book “Love is a revolution”, by Renee Watson is a powerful book. This is mostly because of the significant lesson that is portrayed. The moral of the story is that self-love should always take place and be your highest priority in life. I would give this book 5 stars out of 5 because I really enjoyed the book and it taught me the consequences of what happens when you lie about who you really are. It also showed me that self-love is revolutionary. Nala Robertson, a 17-year-old teenager who lives with her cousin-sister-friend Imani, is planning to find love during summer break. When Nala finally agrees to attend the talent show for Imani’s birthday, she instantly falls in love with Tye Brown. Tye is everything that Nala could ever ask for. He is handsome, polite, and just perfect except that he is volunteering for the community all summer long while Nala would rather try out new ice cream flavors and watch movies. Determined to find love, Nala tells Tye a few lies about herself to impress him. As time goes by, it's more difficult to keep up with the lies since Nala and Tye are seeing each other constantly. Will Nala be able to hide the truth forever or will she eventually come clean? I recommend this book to readers who like romance, drama, and realistic fiction books that include a lesson towards the end of it. This book has a lot of drama and romance when it comes to Nala and Tye’s relationship and possibly Nala’s relationship with Imani. Overall, this book is interesting, and I hope more people get a chance to read it so they can have the same awesome, happy, heart-felt experience like I did.

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