Will My Cat Eat My Eyeballs?: Big Questions from Tiny Mortals about Death

Best-selling author and mortician Caitlin Doughty answers real questions from kids about death, dead bodies, and decomposition.

Every day, funeral director Caitlin Doughty receives dozens of questions about death. What would happen to an astronaut’s body if it were pushed out of a space shuttle? Do people poop when they die? Can Grandma have a Viking funeral?

The Louisiana Purchase: Asking Tough Questions

What was the Louisiana Purchase and why was it important? How did the Louisiana Purchase change the United States? How did it affect the future for black people and American Indians? When the United States bought the Louisiana Territory from France in 1803, it would lead to historic changes for the young country. Using an inquiry-based approach, primary sources, and quick-reference infographics, readers will learn the history behind the Louisiana Purchase and how it affected the future of America and its people.

Earth Shattering Events: Volcanoes, Earthquakes, Cyclones, Tsunamis, and Other Natural Disasters

An atlas of the most extreme meteorological and geological disasters that nature has to offer! Clear, coherent explanations break down the science behind phenomena includ- ing hurricanes, tornadoes, avalanches, earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanoes, alongside fascinating facts about the biggest and the worst. Informative, accessible illustrations.

Lincoln's Ghost

The White House is filled with the history of a nation. But you might be surprised by how much of this history comes from residents who never left . . . even after their own deaths! Among the most famous of these phantoms is Abraham Lincoln. Ever since the president's death, politicians and First Families alike have spotted the ghostly president around his former home. Find out more in this graphic thriller.

Three Women

A mesmerizing work of narrative journalism, visceral, provocative, and haunting, about the sex lives and desires of three ordinary American women. Over the past eight years, Taddeo, an award-winning journalist and longtime contributor to New York and Esquire, embedded herself with three ordinary women to write this deeply immersive account of their erotic lives and longings. The result is shocking, powerful, and timely.

Sugar Gliders

Do you want a pet that can glide through the air? Meet the sugar glider! What exactly is a sugar glider? What do you need to know before you bring one home as a pet? Figure out if this is the right pet for you and your family, the costs involved, and how much time and space you'll need.