Smile: The Story of a Face

In this poignant and deeply intimate memoir, Sarah Ruhl chronicles her experience with Bell's palsy after giving birth to twins.  Happily married and in the flush of hard-earned professional success, with her first play opening on Broadway, Sarah Ruhl has just survived a high risk pregnancy and given birth to twins when she discovers the left side of her face entirely paralyzed. Bell's palsy. Ninety percent of Bell's palsy sufferers see spontaneous improvement and full recovery. But not like Sarah Ruhl.

The Sirens of Mars

A planetary scientist details the remarkable history of humankind’s efforts to find signs of life on Mars. Speculation on the nature of Mars, and whether it could harbor life, goes back to the early days of astronomy, when thinkers such as Galileo and Newton peered into the night sky using primitive technologies to examine Mars’ surface. For centuries, theories of what existed there ran rampant. “The idea that Mars was like our planet only drove the quest to see it better,” writes Johnson, who teaches at Georgetown.

The No More Bullying Book for Kids: Become Strong, Happy, and Bully-Proof

The term bullying is used a lot these days. What does bullying actually mean? How do you know if it's happening to you? And if you are being bullied, what can you do about it? That's exactly what "The No More Bullying Book for Kids" is all about. Being bullied hurts and it's easy to feel as though you don't have any power, which can be scary and lonely. But you're not powerless, and you're definitely not alone. Here you'll find the information you need to know about bullying as well as tips and tricks for dealing with specific situations whe you or someone you know is being bullied.

How to Survive Mean Girls

Dealing with mean girls, cliques, and other obstacles on the social scene is one of the minefields of adolescence for girls. This title provides the advice and support girls need for weathering changing friendships, handling feeling like an outsider, and making new and healthy friendships as they grow. A variety of issues, including bullying and cyberbullying, are sympathetically and practically treated. Diary entries, flowchart quizzes, and hip photos will draw in reluctant readers and many others.

Facing Bullying

In this book, readers will learn how to identify different forms of bullying, how to stop bullying when it's happening to them, and how to help others who are being bullied. Social and emotional learning (SEL) concepts support growth mindset throughout, while Grow with Goals and Try This! activities further reinforce the content.