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The Monster


Sunsets by Virginia Lee (a Short Story Contest entry)  "Come on, Bear." The leash dangles limply...


Triumph by Diane Alfinito (a Short Story Contest entry)  The school bell rang the end of day at...


by Alisha Emrich

Star Splitter

by Matthew J. Kirby

One of Us is Back

by Karen M. McManus

The Night Hunt

by Alexandra Christo

Everything on a Waffle

By Polly Horvath

Dog Squad

By Chris Grabenstein

NERDS series

By Michael Buckley

Camp Average series

By Craig Battle

Recovery Walk
by Maina
Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Other’s success stories inspired the man’s practice following his doctor’s declaration of permanently lost walking ability. After enough recovery for independent slow strolls and questioning the...

The Next Mourning
by Amanda Visokay
Tuesday, May 28, 2024

You didn’t need a doctorate, to know something was wrong. Grief was a beast,
and attacked from the inside out. So, they stepped up. Church was on Sundays,
and couldn’t kill them. Long...

The Interrogation
by Shikhar Dixit
Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Detective Rappaport decided Gordon Tho's guilt the day they met. A weird man with difficulties socializing, Tho brought down Rappaport's wrath. The detective \"interviewed\" Tho in a small, tight...