Know Your Rights And Claim Them: A Guide For Youth

Nicky Parker
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About This Book

If you are aged under 18 you have your own set of human rights. Child rights are unique freedoms and protections designed for you. Governments should uphold them but all across the world they are violated. Know Your Rights (And Claim Them) gives you the knowledge and tools to claim your rights. It introduces them and explains why they matter in the real world. From gender and racial equality, to the rights to free expression, health, a clean climate and a sustainable environment, they are yours to claim.

Know Your Rights (And Claim Them) celebrates the difference young activists have made in every corner of the world, and shows you how to challenge injustice wherever you may find it. It presents expert advice on peaceful protest, raising awareness at school and in your community, starting your own campaign and getting those in power to listen, plus vital guidance on protecting your safety, digital security and mental health.

These are your rights. It is your right to know and claim them.




Every Child Should Read This Book

Acclaimed and supported from well-known activists like Yousafzai and Thunberg, this book is a very informative and direct piece of work to help young children be more brave about the privileges and rights they are entitled to. The book goes into much detail, linking back to historical events, and acts as a call to action on how we can exercise our rights in today's society.