Reading, Get Ready!

Stories and songs for children ages 2 and up with an adult.


Mad, Mad Bear!

Bear is mad.  Mad!  MAD!!!  He is so mad that he lies on his tummy, cries, and kicks and punches.  But then, after a while, he takes a few deep breaths, has a snack, takes a nap, and resets his day.

Don't Wake Up the Tiger

Tiger is sleeping, and wouldn't you know it?  She's lying right in the way of the other animals, who are all carrying balloons!  Will they all be able to make it over her without waking her up?  This participatory story requires kids to help propel the plot forward, and the ending is a satisfying surprise.

Hats Are Not for Cats!

"Hats are not for cats," insists a top hat-wearing dog.  He's even got a poster to prove it!  Though he gives example after example of types of hats that are not to be donned by felines, he is eventually convinced by a persuasive cat that the look suits her just fine.

This Book Just Stole My Cat!

First it was Bella's dog in This Book Just Ate My Dog, and now it's Ben's cat who's gone missing!  And though the response is prompt, a coordinated team of rescuers vanishes into the book, too!  Not to fear, however; a little bit of tickling should get this book sneezing and return everything back to normal-ish!