Introduction to TinkerCad

Join us for a workshop in 3D modeling by EBPL and Mission: DICE!

This is a virtual workshop, where we will be using an online 3D modeling software called Tinkercad which is great for beginners to create models of everyday objects. We will be learning how to navigate the environment, and create simple models. At the end of the workshop, you will create your own personalized keychain which can be printed and attached to your backpacks, lanyards, or keyrings! Participants must have a laptop or desktop computer with Internet access, and preferably a mouse. This workshop may be recorded and published online.

Date: Saturday, October 24 -- 1:00-3:00

Age: Grades 4-9

Time: 2 hours

Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of how to use a computer.

Registration starts in October

Taught by Mission: DICE!

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