Making Memories: Practice Mindfulness, Learn to Journal and Scrapbook, Find Calm Every Day

by Amy Tangerine.
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About This Book

This book is a how-to-guide helping children to be calm, mindful, and live in the moment every day. In a world where children are increasingly attached to their screens, and their memories often are only held digitally, this book offers a creative analogue solution. It is a fun how-to guide to engaging with the world around us through mindfulness activities and journaling tips. Little ones are taken through activities, from physical and mental exercises to crafting and writing tasks, which teach them tovalue the little things in their lives. They learn crafts to calm a busy mind, discover Buddhist meditation, and explore the outdoors mindfully. Children will be inspired to transform the space around them into a zone of zen, from decorating with Japanese origami to tidying their room Marie Kondo-style. Many ideas encourage kids to make the most of mental memories or old photographs, creating something physical to remember special events, friends, or holidays, so memories aren't restricted to pictures ona screen. Each activity and thought encourages a sense of calm or wellbeing, which helps children to live in the moment and make memories in the real world.

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