Let's Learn about Prosthetics with How to Be a Super Friend!

Do you remember Jordan Reeves, the girl who has the prosthetic arm that sends glitter shooting into the air?  We met her a few months ago in the How to Be a Super Friend video called Limb Differences.  (If you missed that one or want to see it again, click here to view it.)

In today's new episode of How to Be a Super Friend, our good friend Cassandra, a medical student at Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, is teaching us all about different types of prosthetics.  You will be amazed by all the things people can do with their prosthetic hands, arms, and legs!

Follow along with this continuing series of videos and learn about all the characteristics that make us unique.  When the library is open, this team of medical students runs programs at the library to help all of us learn about how similar we are and how we can be good friends to people who are different from us.  Their goal is to break down stigmas before they even become part of a child's belief system and promote acceptance and friendship among all people.  Check out the virtual version of these events on the library's How to Be a Super Friend playlist.

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