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Wellness Around the World: Atlas Travels to Greece!

Join our friends at Wellness Around the World for a fun new episode!  This time, Atlas is visiting Greece and learning all about the delicious and healthy foods kids there eat with their families.  This ongoing series is created by four medical students at Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School.  Follow Atlas's adventures to learn about the healthy foods and fun activities kids across the planet enjoy, as well as what their daily lives are like!

Fun and Moving (Zoom)

Creative ways to move your body without hurting yourself. PT based functional movement vs traditional exercise. How moving our bodies is often the difference between major diseases getting significantly worse and far better outcomes. "Rajio Taiso" or Radio Exercise in Japan, its origins in the US over 100 years ago, and its modern equivalent today. 


CANCELLED Get Pumped Up About Heart Health (Hybrid)

The HEAL team is a student run initiative that focuses on empowering the community members to take control of their blood pressure through educational workshops that focus on lifestyle factors that contribute to increased blood pressures. Also, the program aims to provide education on how to properly take your blood pressure and provide information on local resources within the community where you can take your blood pressure.


Blood Drive

One pint of blood can save up to three lives.

Appointments recommended. For an appointment go to 

Sponsor Code 68743

Or Call 800-933-2566


Donors 76 years old and over need a doctor's note unless one is already on file. 16 year olds need signed NYBC parental consent form. Donors who have been vaccinated can donate without any wait period unless they are not feeling well. 

Climate Change and One Health

Sunday, January 15 -- 1:30-2:30 PM

Join college students from the Rutgers University One Health Club to learn about climate change, how it affects humans, animals, plants, & their shared environment, and learn strategies for sustaining the planet.  

For kids and tweens in 2nd through 6th grades.