Mark was mad. He was in the school play, but he only had one line. The play started. “Welcome to the annual school play.” The play flew by. Finally it was Mark’s line. He was so mad that he wasn’t paying attention. Even though the rest of the play was amazing, the play was ruined. Mark didn’t care, but once he saw the lead actor’s sadness he started to cry. 


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The Day I Won The Lottery!

WOW! I couldn’t believe I WON the LOTTERY! What I would do with 100,000 $ is:

• Spend 50,000 $ for St. Jude’s Cancer Hospital
• Give 10,000 $ to my mom to landscape
• Rest of the money for Disney cruise, Disneyland!!
I was excited, surprised and a lot of other emotions that I can’t explain! While I was thinking, someone had touched my body. Soon I realized my mom was asking me to get ready for school. “Oh my….I was dreaming”! but It felt so real! I still hope my dream comes true!



Gray, ominous clouds filled the sky. The winds had kicked up. The trees swayed to their song. A tiny house slowly filled the windshield.
Wet, uneasy, I took the steps that led to the entrance. I entered. A shelter, thankfully!
Suddenly, I saw the encircling webs! Spiders! I screamed and ran as a host of huntsman spiders were trotting to greet me and give me a hug to make me feel at home!


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Mount Everest Imagination

I pushed off of the top of what seemed to be Mount Everest. The cold wind whipped in my face as I glided through the air on my super sled. I woke up from my day dream that I was sledding down Mount Everest, when a garbage can came up like a bullet. I tried to turn but.. Oof!! I slammed into the garbage can and went flying backwards.  


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My Trick Shot

P.I.G.! I’d win, of course, my sister had no chance, but I had to clinch it. I took my shot. It bounced off the rim, rolled around the basket, and went in. I’ve never made a shot that deep before. I could’ve cried!
“You’ll never make that,” I said, tauntingly.
My sister’s shot missed!
Yes! She now had a P. She missed twice more. I scored twice more.
Game over! Tada!

The Test

Today was the day of my math test. My teacher passed out the test papers while I went through each page shaking and staring at the test papers, tears coming out of my eyes. I just...couldn’t do this. It was like we never learned this. No! I just have to keep trying! I focused on each page closely examining the words and I snapped! It all makes sense now!