The Hunt

Mama was gone! “Hunting is dangerous Stella,” she had said. “Besides, Alpha needs you to take care of him”. We hid

behind a bush waiting for her.
           Two hours had passed and Mama hadn’t returned. Worried I set off with Alpha stumbling behind me. It took me all the skills I had learnt to finally track her down. “Great work Stella, “ she said proudly. “You are now a wolf ready to hunt.”

Where Beauty Is Found

Imagine being Evelyn, a sixth grader who was ugly. Everyone taunted her because of the way she looked, and no one wanted to befriend her. They didn’t know what they were missing out on, not until Hazel came along. She noticed what was happening to Evelyn and decided to add sunshine into her life! As Evelyn and Hazel became closer, they showed people that although Evelyn looked unattractive, her beauty was found within.