My Car

Sam loves his car and takes good care of it.  He makes sure it has oil, points out the different parts of the car, stops for pedestrians, and reads the road signs.  What a stand-up guy!  He drives his car to work, where he drives... a bus! 

Don't Copy Me!

Little Puffin has just started out on a walk to enjoy the lovely fresh air, but Small Gull, Tiny Gull, and Baby Gull will not leave him alone!  They copy the way he walks, they copy the way he talks, they even copy the way he thinks.  How annoying!

Little Owl Lost

When Little Owl falls out of his nest, Squirrel is determined to reunite him with his mommy.  Little Owl says Mommy is very big, has pointy ears, and big eyes, but it takes Squirrel several tries to find the right grown-up animal.  And wouldn't you know it?  Of course Mommy has been looking everywhere for Little Owl!

You Can Do It, Sam

Sam and Mrs. Bear wake up super-early to bake cakes for their neighbors.  When it's time to deliver them, Mrs. Bear encourages Sam to walk from the truck up to each house all by himself!  He's nervous, but he does it!!  And when the two of them get home, there are two cakes left, for two charming bears.