Keep Moving: Notes on Loss, Creativity, and Change

Maggie Smith
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About This Book


Award-winning poet Smith gained an enormous online following after her poem, "Good Bones," went viral; she then began tweeting daily goals after she and her husband ended their 19-year marriage. She addresses such topics as accepting change, letting light into your life, and surviving loneliness. Smith acknowledges the pain of loss but also celebrates new beginnings, recognizes fears but strives to be brave. Each tweet ends with the words: “Keep moving.” This much-anticipated book organizes the tweets into three stages: revision, resilience, and transformation. Each message appears alone on the page, resembling a short poem. Occasional bursts of prose between the tweets provide details about Smith’s life and family during these difficult times. Smith is thoughtful and eloquent, expressing her understanding of the grief of separation, and sharing encouragement without being saccharine. She confesses to being a fearful child who loved solitude, and now, once again on her own while her children are away with their father, Smith finds hope in solitary times. Anyone facing loss, separation, and related challenges will find comfort in Smith's gentle words.

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