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Reference Solutions

A one-stop database for targeting companies based on geography, line of business, size, and sales volume. Contains detailed information on nearly 12 million U.S. businesses with addresses, key executives, and websites. Build your own custom list of companies for business prospecting or job hunting.  Company listings include job openings.

Pride Month Health Table

Stop by the library's Pride Month Health Table June 6-14, 2024 in the library lobby and pick up resources on LGBTQIA+ Health, bookmarks and buttons.

Brought to you by Just For The Health Of It! Initiative, The Library's Prescription for Quality Health & Wellness Information.


Shawna wanted a fresh start. The breakup with Rick was bad. He hadn't taken it well. She moved into The Chaosium. Her friends were concerned; thought she needed rest. Time to grieve.
She found the first hole beside her recliner. Curious she hadn’t noticed earlier! Disturbing sounds emanated.
At night, Rick begged from behind the bed.
In the tub, his hand arose above water, wrist gashed wide. She grasped it. So many holes.

Taking Advantage of the New Jersey State Archives

Join us in-person for an informative discussion of the types of records available at the New Jersey State Archives that will help with genealogical research of New Jersey ancestors. These records include vital records, wills, state census, court records and military records among others.

Guest presenter Jon Bozard is a Senior Library Assistant with a degree in History from Rutgers University. He has been working at the New Jersey State Archives for 18 years.

Did I Ever Tell You ?

Did I Ever Tell You? reads like a novel but is an unforgettable true story.

Genevieve (Gwen) Kingston was just eleven years old when her mother passed away, leaving behind a chest filled with gifts and letters to celebrate the milestones of Gwen's life and each of her birthdays until age thirty.

When Did I Ever Tell You? opens, just three packages remain: engagement, marriage, and first baby. Tracing Gwen's coming-of-age, the book reveals a treasure hunt, with each gift and letter unveiling more about her mother, her family, and--ultimately--herself.


Northstar Digital Literacy defines basic skills needed to perform tasks on computers and online. Online, self-guided modules assess the ability of individuals to perform tasks based on these skills.