Don't Slack! Learn Slack!

Don't Slack! Learn Slack!

Slack is an instant messaging service that's designed for use in the workplace. 

Slack has grown steadily in daily active users since its creation in 2013, with a remarkable surge in users in 2020.  Due to the increase of remote work and hybrid schedules, we can only expect that Slack’s popularity will continue growing.  Join us for a short demonstration by the EBPL Tech Teacher on what Slack is and how it is used in the 21st century workplace. 

Acoustic Mondays: Mr. Ray Kids Concert

Join the Acoustic Monday series in the Municipal Complex Courtyard!

mr. RAY (Ray Andersen) has been writing and performing under this name since 1994, but that is only part of the story. In 1994, Ray was asked to come in and perform at a pre-school. In no time, he became known as "mr. RAY," holding an eye-catching, colorfully-stickered guitar. The kids (and Ray) were quickly hooked. Singing about friendship, dinosaurs and rainbows never sounded so cool before…