EB Meds Unite

East Brunswick MedsUnite is a club created by industrious teens as a response to the COVID-19 crisis. These passionate teens want to increase health and medical awareness in the East Brunswick community. 

Their Statement of Purpose:

We are looking to create a foundation that increases medical awareness in the community and encourages middle and high school students to become successful through the paths they desire. We hope to increase each students knowledge and public speaking skills in the medical field. We are creating awareness of the different possibilities as well as creating an opportunity for students to apply all the skills they learn. Our interest and passion for medicine is what brings us together. We are currently high school students and we believe anything is possible with perseverance, knowledge, teamwork, and skills. We have a lot of determination and interest which we look to pass to the members of EBMU.

If you're also passionate about health and medicine, this group is for you! 

For more information about EBMU, visit their website.

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