PowerPoint I

Learn how to navigate the presentation program and use PowerPoint to create, save, run, view, and print presentations. Learn how to insert and format objects such as text boxes, shapes, and images to add visual aids to your slideshow. Learn how to take an outline created in Word and import it onto your slides. Also learn how to use the Design tab to apply themes and variants to coordinate a presentation with colors, graphics, and fonts that have a cohesive look.
Prerequisite: Word Series or equivalent computer experience (see course descriptions).

PowerPoint II

Learn how to make changes to multiple slides at once using Slide Master view as well as how to enhance presentations by inserting and formatting graphics and by adding transitions and animations. Learn how to find templates such as a business plan or create a customized slide design template for your company. Learn how to insert multiple pictures at a time to create a Photo Album such as a vacation slideshow and how to display data such as survey results using Charts.
Prerequisite:  PowerPoint I or equivalent computer experience (see above).

PowerPoint III

Learn how to enhance presentations with SmartArt graphics (such as an organizational chart), media (such as audio and video), and hyperlinks (such as linking to the web or another slide in the presentation). Learn how to create a custom theme including background graphics and color, font, and effect variants. Learn how to prepare for presenting by adding speaker notes, using slide timings, hiding slides, and pausing presentations. Also includes a bonus exercise: creating a collage.
Prerequisite:  PowerPoint II or equivalent computer experience (see above).

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