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Microsoft Word

Word I

Learn how to navigate the word processing program and use Word to create, open, save, format, print, and close documents such as a letter or a handout. Learn to use the clipboard to copy and paste as well as use keyboard shortcuts.
Prerequisite: PC Literacy I and II or familiarity with the mouse and the keyboard.

Word II

Learn page and paragraph formatting as well as how to organize lists of information in documents using tabs, bullets, and numbering. Learn to use find and replace to make a change several times throughout a document or create your own autocorrect entry to fix common typing errors. Learn how to insert a header or footer to repeat on each page, or insert decorative text called WordArt.
Prerequisite: Word I or equivalent computer experience (see above).

Word III

Learn how to organize information using multiple columns or in a grid using a table. Learn how to enhance and illustrate your documents by inserting and formatting pictures and shapes. Learn how to use footnotes and endnotes to provide references to text in a document. Learn how to create letters, address labels, envelopes, or more for mass mailings.
Prerequisite: Word II or equivalent computer experience (see above).

Word IV

Learn how to use styles to create outlines or a Table of Contents and how to change the overall look of a document using pre-designed themes. Learn how to use pre-formatted sample documents called templates to create reports, resumes, and more. Learn how to collaborate with other users (in real time or using comments/track changes) and to apply password protection to a document with secure information.
Prerequisite: Word III or equivalent computer experience (see above).

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