Microsoft Excel

Excel I

Learn how to navigate the spreadsheet program and use Excel to create, open, save, format, print, and close workbooks such as a budget. Learn how to insert and resize rows/columns as well as copy, paste, and sort data. Learn how to create a chart to visualize data and use formulas/functions to perform calculations within a worksheet.
Prerequisite: Word and PowerPoint series or equivalent computer experience (see course descriptions).

Excel II

Learn how to use cell referencing to update formulas automatically and Autofill/Autocomplete to copy formulas and data to other cells easily. Also learn how to use Autosum to total figures such as on a sales report. Learn how to join text from two columns using the concatenation function, such as combining cells with first and last name listed in separate columns on a payroll worksheet. Other topics include sort & filter, freeze panes, hiding rows/columns, managing worksheets, and inserting headers, footers, and comments.
Prerequisite: Excel I or equivalent computer experience (see above).

Excel III

Learn how to import data from an external source such as a CSV file, as well as more formulas including subtotal, average, and logical (if, then) functions. Learn how to use macros to record the commands of repetitive tasks for reuse such as subtotaling payroll data. Also learn page layout options to prepare your spreadsheet for printing and how to search for pre-designed templates such as a billing statement. Learn how to analyze/visualize data such as sales figures using conditional formatting or sparklines.
Prerequisite: Excel II or equivalent computer experience (see above).

Excel IV

Learn how to create and customize PivotTables which can be used to summarize, analyze, explore, and compare data such as sales figures. Learn how to use the Vlookup function to find information in a data range such as looking up a price by part number. Also learn how to use the payment (PMT) function to calculate loan amounts such as on an amortization schedule. Other topics include protecting cells/worksheets that contain secure data, defining data as a table, and entering data using forms and drop-down lists. Also includes a bonus exercise: creating floorplans.
Prerequisite: Excel III or equivalent computer experience (see above).

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