What Should I Read?

Meet the Ponies of Ponyville

by Olivia London

Kindness Makes the World Go Round

by Craig Manning; illustrated by Joe Mathieu

JoJo and the Twins

by Jane O'Connor; pictures by Robin Preiss Glasser

Small Spaces

by Katherine Arden

PAR-TAY!: Dance of the Veggies (and Their Friends)

written by Eloise Greenfield; illustrations by Don Tate.

Bailey goes camping

Kevin Henkes

Bears in the bath

Shirley Parenteau

Kid Scientists: True Tales of Childhood from Science Superstars

stories by David Stabler; illustrations by Anoosha Syed

Dragons in a Bag

by Zetta Elliott

I Like the Farm

Shelley Rotner

Stack the cats

Susie Ghahremani

So Big!

Anna Jane Hays

King & Kayla and the Case of the Mysterious Mouse

by Dori Hillestad Butler; illustrated by Nancy Meyers.

Best Frints in the Whole Universe

by Antoniette Portis

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