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LEGO Club Week 2!

Let's get creative during Week 2 of our new online LEGO Club!  This week's challenge is to build something with STRIPES!

When you're done building, take a picture of your project.  Then click here to add your picture to our Padlet and view everyone else's work!  (Click on the plus sign on the bottom right of the Padlet to add your picture.)

LEGO Club... and GO!

New to LEGO Club?  Here's the deal: Each Wednesday, we're posting a challenge; you have until Sunday to put on your finishing touches and share a picture of your masterpiece.

Kids, tweens, and teens of all ages are welcome to join in the fun and use whatever LEGO-like building supplies you have on hand.  Kits are welcome but not necessary; DUPLOs, K'Nex, Playstix, and others are all welcome.  If the weekly challenge isn't quite right for you or the pieces you own, be creative and come up with something that meets the challenge in some way.  Our goals are to use our noggins, spend some screen-free time, and inspire each other by sharing our completed creations.  Oh, and have fun!  Definitely a goal.  




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