Authors Online

Check out what these authors are up to these days.

Please check back here; we will continue to update this list.

Dan Gutman is reading aloud each day at 2:00 PM.

Visit Peter Reynolds on Facebook for a daily read aloud.

Oliver Jeffers is reading aloud to us most days! 

Grace Lin reads aloud and teaches a little drawing on her YouTube channel.

HarperCollins Children’s Books, publishers of oodles of wonderful children’s books, has a great YouTube channel called HarperKids, which features author visits, read alouds, book trailers, and more.

Author Kate Messner has put together Read, Wonder, and Learn, a section of her website featuring educational videos by herself and other authors, including Tracey Baptiste, Jason Reynolds, Debbi Michiko Florence, and many others!

And in case you missed it the other two times we told you, Mo Willems is taking his lunch break with us!

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