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EB Create has three Singer Curvy 8763 sewing machines for use in the library, in addition to a small assortment of thread, scissors, cutting mats, pins and other sewing accessories. Experienced users are welcome to bring in their sewing projects to work on using these machines any time that EB Create is open.

If users change the color thread, they are expected to return the machine to its original condition before leaving the space. Beginners should check the library calendar for dates and times of upcoming sewing classes.

In addition, the library also has a Singer CurvySewing machine available to borrow as well. Included in the circulating kit are a seam ripper, scissors, a rotary cutter, fabric measuring tape, a small cutting board, several bobbins, and thread. 

The videos below will show you how to thread the sewing machine and how to make a bobbin. 



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