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Internet to Go kit






Kit Use: 


Check out everything that you need to access the Internet at home! This kit includes a Chromebook laptop computer and a WiFi hotspot which will allow the laptop and and other internet connected device such as a smartphone or tablet to access the internet. Because of data usage limits, this is more suitable for activities such as checking email, social media, creating or editing documents, and browsing the web. Streaming video might result in slower connection speeds. The Chromebook can be used either by logging in with a Google Account or you can Browse as a Guest. Either way, please remember to log out of all websites before returning this kit. The WiFi network name and the password will be included with the kit.

See the video below to see what you will find in this kit:


To learn more about how to create and edit documents in Google Docs, please see the video below and other videos on this playlist.


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