I Like the Farm

This lovely photo-illustrated easy reader is a perfect first read for beginners who love animals.  Formulaic, repetitive text introduces simple animal names as sight words, while the accompanying pictures provide context clues.  This book is on Guided Reading Level A.

Outdoor Adventure Explore Kit

This kit is designed for the great outdoors! Borrow our Explore kit and take it out on your next hike. This kit includes everything you need to enhance your outdoor exploration from binoculars to bird watching guides and most importantly, a backpack to store all of your supplies!

Here is what you can expect to find when you check out this kit:

Sphero Code and Play Kit

Spheros are app-enabled robots that you can use with Apple or Android compatible phones or tablets. After downloading the free Sphero apps, you can use your device to control this robot by a variety of means: by moving a virtual joystick, by tilting your tablet, by drawing an image, or even by writing your own code using the easy and intuitive SpheroEDU app. The kit itself includes: