Ozobot Play and Learn kit

Ozobots are robots that you control through art – just draw a line and this little robot will follow them by using build in light sensors. Combine colors in different orders, you can send a code to an Ozobot to spin around, speed up, or dash to one side or another. You can also interact with to Ozobot via a free Ozobot app that you can download to any Apple or Android tablet, that turns the surface of your tablet into a drawing pad that you can use to complete any number of missions.

Froggy Green

Everyone likes different colors, but as we discover at the end, everyone loves rainbow ice cream!  Unfortunately, this simple book about colors is out of print, but we'll be sure to share it at storytime every once in a while!

Pillow Pup

Maggie the pup"s favorite treat isn't a dog biscuit or bone. It's a pillow! Maggie and her little girl engage in a wiggling, giggling pillow fight.