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The Night Before

Wendy Walker
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After a devastating breakup, Laura Lochner retreats to her Branston, Connecticut, hometown, hoping to reconnect with her sister, Rosie, and their childhood friends Joe (now Rosie's husband) and Gabe. She has a good feeling about Jonathan Fields, her latest online match, too. But when Laura doesn't come home from her date with Jonathan, Rosie suspects something terrible has happened. As the clock ticks on Laura's disappearance, Rosie appeals to the dating site's female members and learns that nothing about Jonathan Fields is as it seems. Suddenly, her fears turn from concern about Laura's safety to worry about Laura's reaction to Fields' lies. In high school, Laura was found standing over her two-timing boyfriend's battered body but was eventually cleared of wrongdoing. Still, Rosie has always wondered if Laura's legendary rage claimed a victim all those years ago. Is Laura in danger, or has she fled after assaulting Fields? ­Skillfully manipulating tension and using breathless pacing, Walker keeps that question in the air until the final twist unmasks secrets about Laura's disappearance and the murder in her past.--Christine Tran Copyright 2019 Booklist