Separation Anxiety

Laura Zigman
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About This Book


Judy wears her dog in a baby sling that she came across when she was cleaning out the basement. Craving closeness and comfort, the dog will have to do, as her son Teddy is now a distant teenager. To add insult to injury, she and her husband Gary are separated, but too broke to afford to go through with the divorce. So Gary is living in the basement, telling Teddy he sleeps there because he snores. Not to mention, Judy's best friend is dying. And her first children's book was a one-hit wonder, so her career has all but tanked. What else could go wrong for Judy? Filled with chapter titles such as The Secret Pooper and The Noble Journey, which describes a meditation retreat Judy and Gary attend but cannot afford, Zigman's (Piece of Work, 2006) is a world where motherhood, wifely duties, and career aspirations take hard twists and turns. With plenty of snark and a dash of humor, she shows just how real the struggle bus is, perfect for readers who like a heroine with a messy life.--Erin Holt Copyright 2020 Booklist

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