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Water Safety & Drowning Prevention

Fun in the sun means barbecues, popsicles, and lots of water -- but that can also mean dangerous situations for anyone, especially children.  Use the resources below to learn about keeping yourself and your loved ones safe in and around water, such as swimming pools, the ocean, and the bathtub.

Is Your Baby Walking?  New walkers (as well as crawlers and cruisers) can be challenging to keep an eye on, but doing so is absolutely imperative to ensuring their safety.  This infographic provides parents and caregivers with tips.

Drowning Prevention for Curious Toddlers: What Parents Need to Know  Toddlers have the highest risk of drowning of all age groups, often due to unexpected, unsupervised access to water.  Young children can drown quickly and silently in as little as an inch of water. 

Pool Dangers & Drowning Prevention -- When It's Not Swimming Time  Toddlers and preschoolers are often curious and quick.  This article teaches adults about keeping them safe when the swimming is over, but the pool is still open.

Swim Safety Tips  This article provides an overview of the risks associated with swimming and water play, and provides techniques families can use to keep everyone safe.

Water Safety for Teens  Only toddlers have a higher risk of drowning than teens aged 15-19 years old.  That's because teens frequently enjoy the water unsupervised and are likely to engage in risky behaviors.

Pool Safety  If you own a swimming pool (or you're visiting someone who does), make sure to take these precautions to keep children safe.

Swim Lessons: When to Start & What Parents Should Know  Children need to learn how to swim!  This article can help adults determine when their child should start taking lessons.

Things to Know About Water Safety  This is a comprehensive guide from the American Red Cross that provides tips about drowning prevention, handling emergencies, and where to find swim lessons and CPR training.

Water Safety for Kids  Longfellow the Whale teaches kids about water safety in eight fun and engaging videos.

Water Safety  This article provides information about the water settings that are most dangerous for different age groups, as well as strategies for keeping the whole family safe, whether in a swimming pool, at the beach, or in the bathroom. 

Water Safety: Rules for Kids  Just For the Health Of It and Raritan Valley YMCA teamed up to make this video to teach children the basic rules of water safety and techniques that anyone can use to rescue anyone.